r.Cup is now r.World – The reuse movement just got bigger.

r.Cup in hand

A better future

is in your hands.

Join the reuse revolution!

Let’s create a world without single-use waste.

We believe in a future without mountains of garbage and oceans of trash, so we’re changing the way the world uses cups, plates, and serveware. We’re making reuse a reality — and having some fun along the way.

Why reuse? Because our planet is drowning in trash.

Recycling doesn’t work.

Plastic is barely recycled at all. And aluminum is a massive (and toxic) drain on our scarce resources—both to create it and to recycle it.

Composting doesn’t either.

Most compostable cups never actually get composted — and they don’t break down in landfills.

Reuse is the answer.

The best way to end single-use waste is to reuse what we have, over and over. r.World makes it easy.

“Reuse beats single-use every time.”

Stephanie Thomas
Environmental Consultant

“Reusing 10% will stop almost half of plastic waste from entering the ocean.”

World Economic Forum

“…there is no way we can hit our climate goals without reuse.”


Cheers to saving the planet, one reusable at a time.

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