r.Cup is now r.World – The reuse movement just got bigger.

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is in your hands.

Join the reuse revolution!

“r.World provides hassle-free reusables—for all the right reasons.”

Mike Ringler, Aramark

“They’ve fine tuned a process that just works.”

Stephanie Thomas, Environmental Consultant

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Looking for the simplest, smartest way to eliminate waste? You found it.

Switch to r.World reusable serveware today.

Best for the Planet

Proven to deliver a lower carbon footprint than any recycle or compost solution.

Easiest for your Operations

As simple as ordering single-use serveware. Supported by our local team. Seamless for yours.


Pays for itself.

Why Reuse

Why r.World

How it Works

Let’s create a world without single-use waste.

We believe in a future without mountains of garbage and oceans of trash, so we’re changing the way the world uses cups, plates, and serveware. We’re making reuse a reality — and having some fun along the way.

Do the most good with the least effort.

We deliver reusable serveware right to your door, while also delivering amazing benefits for the planet, your business, and your community.

Used by the world’s leading artists and venues.

is a pioneer in
building out reuse

Matt Prindiville
Sustainability Expert

A better future is in your hands.

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